BST Devices triPED Camera Pedestal – seamlessly merging mobility and stability in studio dynamics. Whether transitioning between varied studio environments or managing high torque movements with the innovative frameACE system, triPED's robust braking ensures impeccable control and steadfastness.

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Ridgid welded steel chassie and height adjustable plastic cover


With the fanless PSU and the Altitude attributes the triPED is virtually silent.


The customizable tieline panel built into the PSU makes it really easy to move around between studio facility.


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Innovative swivel wheels

BST Devices Innovative swivel wheels ensures play free braking in all directions.

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Built in Patch panel

Built-in patch panel for studio tie lines making connections and cabling easier.

Low column mount

Low column mount together with Altitude's long stroke will cover a shot from Sofa Eye-Height (960 mm) to a standing height of 1900mm (Floor to tilt-axis centre).

Built in Fanless PSU

Built in Industrial Quality PSU with mains switch and power indicator, ensures quality power distribution within the silentTrack system.

Built in auxiliary mains outlet for convenient connection of external accessories.

Technical information


Max speed: 300mm/sec.
Collapsed height: 690mm.
Stroke: 940mm.
Position Resolution: 0,00126mm.
Position Repeatability: 0,05mm.
Max payload: 65kg.

frameACE DD110

Max Speed: 220deg/sec.
Max recommended Payload: 45kg.
Position Resolution: 0,8 arcsec.
Position Repeatability: 1,6 arcsec.

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