BST Devices silentTrack Camera Dolly – where innovation meets flawless motion. Whether shooting dynamic scenes in studio productions, the silentTrack's Omega Belt Drive promises unparalleled smoothness and precision.

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With virtually silent performance, silentTRACK D1 ensures a disturbance-free environment, even in acoustically sensitive spaces like concert halls.


LiDAR safety scanners and industry-standard safety circuits, our system offers industrial machinery safety. LiDAR's precision detection and fail-safe circuitry makes it easy to meet the EU directive for machinery as 2006/42/EC, prioritizing both efficiency and person protection.


Our gearless omega drive technology gives an outstanding performance for the on-air moves required in a high quality broadcast production.


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Innovative Omega drive

Gearless omega drive technology ensures low noise, minimum maintenance, and no backlash gives a very high precession accuracy.

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Silent tracks

Sturdy aluminium profiles and easy exchangeable rubber tracks ensure silent operation and seamless track joints.

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Built in safety

All emergency stop circuits operates according to industrial safety standards.

  • Impact sensing plastic cover for enhanced security.
  • 3 built-in emergency stop switches.
  • Support for external emergency stop switch.
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safeSCAN (optional)

With safeSCAN, BST Devices takes you to another level of safety by the possibility to create adaptive safe areas around the moving parts. The safety system is intelligent in the way that safety wont trigger when standstill or moving away from any risk. safeSCAN fullfills the safety standard ISO 13849.

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Built in Patch panel

Built-in patch panel for studio tie lines making connections and cabling easier.

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Built in Fanless PSU

Built in Industrial Quality PSU with mains switch and power indicator, ensures quality power distribution within the silentTrack system.

Built in auxiliary mains outlet for convenient connection of external accessories.

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Low column mount

Low column mount together with Altitude's long stroke will cover a shot from Sofa Eye-Height (960 mm) to a standing height of 1900mm (Floor to tilt-axis centre).


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Ceiling mount

With silentTRACK D1 SKY it's possible to mount rail system in celling.

Technical information

silentTRACK D1

Track width: 612mm.
Minimum inside radius of curved track: 1500mm.
Max number of Dollies per track: 2.
Max speed: 1500mm/sec.
Position Resolution: 0,045mm.
Position Repeatability: 0,1mm.

Altitude EC1-940

Max speed: 300mm/sec.
Collapsed height: 690mm.
Stroke: 940mm.
Position Resolution: 0,00126mm.
Position Repeatability: 0,05mm.
Max payload: 65kg.

frameACE DD110

Max Speed: 220deg/sec.
Max recommended Payload: 45kg.
Position Resolution: 0,8 arcsec.
Position Repeatability: 1,6 arcsec.

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