BST Devices frameACE DD110 Robotic Camera Head – where cutting-edge technology meets seamless functionality. Whether you're capturing live events, sports, concerts, or any on-location scenarios, the DD110's BST Direct Drive Technology guarantees exceptional performance. Its fast and dynamic movements allow you to follow the action effortlessly, while the virtually silent operation ensures a discreet presence, maintaining the focus on the content and not the camera.

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BST Direct Drive Technology

Experience lightning-fast and dynamic on-air moves, allowing you to capture every moment with precision and finesse.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

With virtually silent performance, the DD110 ensures a disturbance-free environment, even in acoustically sensitive spaces like concert halls.

Unmatched Precision

Leading the industry with an impressive resolution of 0.8 arcsec and repeatability of 1.6 arcsec, the DD110 guarantees every shot is flawlessly executed.

Reliability Redefined

Boasting only one moving part per axis, the DD110 enhances reliability while minimizing potential points of failure.


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Backlash-Free Design

The gear-less construction ensures zero backlash for a consistent performance....forever.

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Built-in Web Server

Access settings with ease and operate the DD110 even without a controller and remote, simplifying your setup.

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Effortless Balance your camera

With system-aided camera balancing and long throw camera mount plate, ensures easy and precise camera installation, saving you time on setup.

Versatile Illumination

Two customizable RGB lights provide 360-degree visibility, offering options for red, green or even animated tally lights or system feedback.

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Tally Integration Made Simple

Seamlessly integrate an optical tally light sensor or a custom tally solution through dedicated inputs and outputs.

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Tailored Aesthetics

Choose the optional custom anodization color for a refined installation, blending seamlessly with sensitive environments.

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Streamlined Power

The DD110 offers a 12V DC 2.5A output in the cradle, empowering you to power cameras or prompters directly, reducing cable clutter.

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Easy standalone installation (optional)

With the optional DD110QF and silentPOWER ENG1 it is easy to install frameACE in Outside Broadcast and other stand alone environments.

Technical information

frameACE DD110

Max Speed: 220deg/sec.
Max recommended Payload: 45kg.
Position Resolution: 0,8 arcsec.
Position Repeatability: 1,6 arcsec.

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