Welcome to BST Devices

Located in the heart of Malmö, Sweden, BST Devices stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of camera robotics. Drawing from the rich expertise and heritage of former broadcast engineers, we are at the forefront of reshaping and redefining the boundaries of broadcast technology.

Our Legacy

Our team is a collective of visionaries, dreamers, and, most importantly, doers. With a deep-rooted history in broadcast engineering, we understand the intricacies of the industry. This background gives us the unique edge to revolutionize the way camera robotics functions, ensuring that our creations are not just machines but a seamless extension of a broadcaster's vision.

The Future of Camera Robotics

At BST Devices, we pride ourselves on our flagship Direct Drive Servo Technology. This groundbreaking innovation is setting new standards in the realm of camera robotics.

Advantages of our Direct Drive Servo Technology:

  1. Silent Operation: Our camera robotics operate with an unparalleled level of quietness, ensuring no disruptions during broadcasts.
  2. Low Maintenance Costs: With only one moving part per axis, our design ensures minimal wear and tear, translating to significantly reduced maintenance costs and prolonged equipment life.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Designed for the modern age, our intuitive user interface boasts a plethora of features that make camera operation a breeze. From shot and sequence recall to built-in thumbnail image capture, we've ensured every tool is at your fingertips.
  4. Man-Machine Synergy: Our robotics systems are designed with the user in mind. Our state-of-the-art man-machine interfaces ensure a seamless interaction between the operator and the machine, bringing your broadcast visions to life with precision and ease.

Our Commitment

BST Devices isn't just about creating technology. We're about creating experiences. We believe in building a future where technology doesn't just support but elevates the art of broadcasting. Every innovation, every product, and every service from BST Devices aims to empower broadcasters to do more and dream bigger.

Join us on this journey to the future of broadcasting. Experience innovation like never before.

BST Devices – Where Vision Meets Innovation.